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    Sep 2016

    Standard No competition, no challenge, no rivals?

    Good day my bored fellow players,

    I am a representative of the (by far) best German alliance. We, as in our little German alliance, played the beta RoA test server on the .com and naturally we dominated there as well. Although we were not even 20 players and our “enemies” had a full alliance at their disposal.

    From my point of view one of the biggest, maybe the single biggest problem with Travian right now is, that there are not enough players. If we stay on the German server we already know EVERY single player active player (we are talking about ~100 players here who still play this game on an at least semi-competitive level and maybe 10 ppl who play competitive).

    So, what I propose:

    I am going to post in every Travian forum a challenge that at least one alliance from there, preferably one of the better alliances, comes to the .UK RoA server. If we manage to only snatch 30-50 active players from every other Travian domain the .UK world is EXPLODING. So many active players you haven't seen in years on one single server. Finally we can use diplomacy again, having real fights with (hopefully) equal opponents and tactics will play a role again!

    Which nations are going to receive this challenge?
    Czech Republic
    Germany (we already send our best team)
    UK (Well, since we play on .uk we will face their best alliances anyway)
    Netherlands (they are already there, hey twaaalf monkeys)
    Romania (Well, we met in the 8x speed, you remember Effeucheur? :p)
    Russia (I really have hope for these folks. I really don't even mind if they cheat, at least that way they might prove to be a challenge)

    Just imagine if only one single alliance leader in all these domains has the guts to play on .UK instead of their boring, little home-server. In no time we have sooo many active alliances battling there.

    The .UK RoA Birthday server starts on Wednesday, 07.09.2016

    If you read that and are slightly interested in having a demanding server full of other active players from all around the world, share this thread, please!

    And now I am going to look for all these forums, I hope they are all up again.

    One last note: Playing RoA with advanced start and the new mechanic really makes Travian more enjoyable. There is much more planing involved than earlier, you can even have long-term strategies. Of course they only make sense if there is an actual opponent. If you only play with semi-active players you don't need all this stuff. So come on guys, let's all join on the .UK server.

    Schneeente (that's also my Skype nick if you have further questions)

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    Sep 2016


    Well. Since so many people told us that .uk is not at all challenging, even the opposite, we decided to start on .com

    If you want to play a server in which you are most definitely outclassed, at least concerning skill and activity, not necessarily concerning number of members - since we won't even be 30 accounts - feel free to drop by.

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